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Astrology conferences: Astrologers’ favorite way to network with others

Professional Astrology Network is dedicated to astrologers, enthusiasts, astrology students and those who would like to learn more about nature of celestial bodies such as Sun and Moon, Venus, Mars, Jupiter but also Chiron, Vesta, Eric, or Pluto… and to discover their correlation between their energies, our inner nature, and events that they may trigger.

Astrological thought is not just a “blank hypothesis” any more, nor superstition. In the ever changing world of science and non-scientific beliefs, astrology has its valid place. Many people today are free to test this theory on their own. Possibly, the place assigned to astrology and astrologers was not an adequate one in recent decades and centuries, due to many forces and influences that suppressed scientific research in this area.

Today, we see more published peer-reviewed papers that focus on human nature and psychology, connecting the dots between seasons, months of birth, health, and human personality.

Let us dig even deeper into this knowledge that can offer us wisdom and tools for personal and collective awakening.


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