Mira Cosic, Astrologer

An astrological birth chart is the starting point of every live being. This is the moment when we start breathing and living on our own, absorbing valuable solar and lunar vibrations around us.

The birth chart in Western astrology is based on person’s date, time, and place of birth. The more accurate this data is, the more accurate the chart. A full initial reading usually takes an hour and half. The best way to connect is via Skype or phone, but we also e-mail recorded audio sessions.

Your questions may be as specific or vague as they can be:

  • I am just curios: what is in my chart?
  • What is my most appropriate career choice?
  • Am I going to travel abroad and live somewhere else?
  • Am I going to marry and when?
  • What is my spiritual path / karma?
  • How and when to solve issues with my home and family?
  • Am I going to get this promotion?

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Remember, our site and business in Texas are registered under “entertainment”, together with party actors and state fair entertainers. We think that astrology is scientific, artistic, and serious at least as much as psychology is. It helps people achieve better insight into their personality and decide what actions to take. However, because of the current mistreatment of astrology in our society, we have to mention that this site and charts are for entertainment purposes only. We do not give legal, medical, or financial advice.

Thank you!