Mira Cosic, Astrologer


Nature or nurture? Were you born this way?

Some people look for astrological readings out of curiosity. What’s in my chart? Many of my clients never talked to an astrologer before. It is an exciting process, to peek into someone’s chart like that. But, then surprises may happen as well. “I was adopted indeed. Is that really in my chart?” How it all works, no one knows, but it does. My clients rely on this information and make their own sound decisions, knowing that there might be something “out there” bigger and more powerful than us that makes all energies balance. God? Universe? Nature?

Your astrological chart offers information about your innate abilities, your character, your personal preferences, and the reasons you are here. This insight may help you make your own decisions about your everyday relationship or business questions. The planetary positions and energies of your chart say a lot about your potentials, your environment, people you are dealing with, your ability to overcome stress, anxiety, problems with sleep, focus, relationship with your parents, partners, or children. The charts of family members, close friends and lovers show connections. We create our own nature and reality as well, but our character and therefore, our “destiny” imprinted in it is based on our core, inherited, and genetic personal traits.

The astrological reading usually takes an hour to an hour and half. You may want a single session or a series of coaching sessions if you’re currently experiencing major life shifts such as home move, change in business, marital status, divorce (please email for scheduling first). If you are not sure how this type of coaching would work for you and if it is applicable to your particular issue, call or text and ask for a mini-session. This can give you an idea about real astrology and how it works.

To find out more about your place in the Universe and the path you are taking, select one of the following sessions:

Astrological Consultation

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Payments via Paypal or credit card. All orders are processed at the order they are received. Personal readings and chart orders are not refundable. Waiting period may vary and it depends on current volume of requests, so please call or email to schedule a session prior to processing your payment. Astrology readings are processed “for entertainment purposes only” and cannot not be used to make any medical, legal, or financial decisions.

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