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We are a team of professional astrologers and writers. We take pride in our work. All our astrology team members have years of experience in coaching, meditation, evolutionary, esoteric, and karmic astrology, soul-centered psychology, and human relationships.

We do not guarantee any “fortune telling” predictions, nor we offer medical, financial, or legal advice as this site is registered in the state of Texas for entertainment purposes only. Please refer to our Site Policy for more information.

The study of astrological birth chart on this site is based on teachings of many skilled professional astrologers active in the past such as Dane Rudhyar, Alice O. Howell, Marc Edmund Jones, Ivy Jacobson, Mile Dupor, Robert Blaschke, Jack Fertig, Linda Goodman, Marion March, and Joan McEvers. Their books, recordings and real life advice and guidance helped us understand ourselves and cosmos on a much deeper level. Our team members studied evolutionary astrology, as well as esoteric astrology participating in astrology conferences such as ISAR and UAC, taking classes and certification courses with contemporary teachers in USA and UK today.

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